My Nov "11 Second Club" Entry - Finished Animation

... And here's the final animation (with simple lighting and rendered with Mental Ray Final Gather). I sometimes find myself "overanimating", so for this competition, instead of lots of big, crazy poses and gestures, I tried to narrow things down and use smaller secondary actions to carry the animation along. However, I just couldn't help myself and had to put in something over the top for the ending "whooooa". Enjoy!

Nov 2007 11 Second Club - FINISHED ANIMATION from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.

My Nov "11 Second Club" Entry - Blocking

This month's audio clip was a lot of fun. I tried to keep my poses simple and easy to read. Here's the blocking.

Nov 2007 11 Second Club - BLOCKING from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.


Graphic Deisign/Illustration Samples

Here is my current graphic design and illustration portfolio which I am constantly updating. Enjoy.

Personal Project - Flash Banner. Click on the bunnies!
To view in a larger window click HERE

"Shores of Erie International Wine Festival" - Animated Logo

"Pancakes" - Editorial Illustration

"Springtime In Paris" - Invitation Illustration for St. Clair College Annual Gourmet Food & Wine Festival.

"Paper Bag Princess" - Children's Book Illustration

"Limelight" - Graphic Design Show Poster

"Exaktor Tools" - Brochure Design

"Connected in Care" - 6 page A4 brochure created for The Heartbeat Trust.

"The 10 - Most Extraordinary Medical Conditions" - Sample of Children's book Design from the Series, "The 10"

"Herbon Kids" - Logo, Product Poster and Magazine Ad

"North of Hollywood" - Band Logo and Website Concept

"Barcelona Bulls" - Team Logo

"Bruce Dickinson" - Editorial Illustration

"Alice Cooper" - Editorial Illustration

"Fire Flies" - Candy Box Package Design


I Thought...

Here is a recent little animation I did for the 11 Second Club October competition. Voting is taking place during the next 4 days. I find the club is a great way to stay active in the animation community in between jobs. It’s also a great way to practice and experiment with new techniques and styles. Rather than winning, I am more interested in improving my skills as an animator and getting some constructive feedback. Hurray for the 11 Second Club!!


My Demo Reel 2007

Here is my current demo reel. Most of the work was created while at Sheridan College back in Canada. Shots from "Urban Vermin" are coming soon. Enjoy!!