Piotrowski Portrait Study

I'm currently working toward creating a portrait of my husband's grandfather. Here is the initial rough study created in Photoshop this evening. The photo is quite small and difficult to read so I felt the need to run a test drive with the sketch. Establishing a mood for the subject was important as well. A little chiaroscuro never hurt nobody... Not that I'm by any means a master, but a bit of strong contrast is the goal ;)

I'll post a better copy of the original photo that I'm working from once I can get a decent scan. I need to blow up a copy to better grasp the detail of the photograph, especially in the eyes. He has tiny eyes! I think I've already over worked this study, but I still feel its just not sitting right. Hopefully the enlarged photo copy will be a help and I'll revisit the major features of the face (if not, start over). Time spent, approx 3 hrs... I know. I'm very rusty.

The medium for the final portrait will be oil on canvas and approx 18 x 24 inches. Updates to come soon.

A bit of the blue ground work under there. I'm preferring a cropped view at the moment, but the goal is to get the full head working. Its tough.

Another major problem I'm noticing now is that the nose is not wide enough.. I'll get there. I need to revisit this with fresh eyes another day. Tracking the progress will be half the fun.


Silly Goose

Just a mention here to my new company site: Silly Goose Ltd. We are a work in progress, but hopeful in our creative endeavours. Web/mobile applications and user interfaces are our thing along with graphic design, illustration and animation to bring art and technology together under one roof. Silly Goose was started by Mark and I and we working with developers and designer contractors based on project size and scope.

Included here also is a link to the Silly Goose blog where you can read more details about our direction, our creative processes and how we bridge art and technology with innovation.

Character Animation Demo Reel

Adding my 2008 demo reel to the postings to remove it from my header. Not much 3d work has transpired this year due to my work going in a different, but exciting new direction. However, I am currently working on new 3d material and a screenplay for an upcoming short film. I'll keep you posted :)

Character Animation Demo Reel 2008 from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.


Hardcore Icons

Here are 3 iconic buttons I created for the upcoming site headbanger.ie. More on the site later, but you can guess it has something to do with heavy metal. It is a work in progress website, but I thought it would be fun to spotlight one of my favourite parts of the site... the big shiny grunge buttons. They're simple, but I had a lot of fun working them out.

A Free T-Shirt Can't Solve All Your Problems

Just a silly simple t-shirt deisgn I created for people at my current company. The point was to help lift spirits during the big "back-to-school"/platform rivival depression. I don't think they acutially helped people get out of their work funk, but then again who doesn't like a free t-shirt?! The design was inspired by a former classmate and a great slogan.