My Nov "11 Second Club" Entry - Finished Animation

... And here's the final animation (with simple lighting and rendered with Mental Ray Final Gather). I sometimes find myself "overanimating", so for this competition, instead of lots of big, crazy poses and gestures, I tried to narrow things down and use smaller secondary actions to carry the animation along. However, I just couldn't help myself and had to put in something over the top for the ending "whooooa". Enjoy!

Nov 2007 11 Second Club - FINISHED ANIMATION from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.

My Nov "11 Second Club" Entry - Blocking

This month's audio clip was a lot of fun. I tried to keep my poses simple and easy to read. Here's the blocking.

Nov 2007 11 Second Club - BLOCKING from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.


Graphic Deisign/Illustration Samples

Here is my current graphic design and illustration portfolio which I am constantly updating. Enjoy.

Personal Project - Flash Banner. Click on the bunnies!
To view in a larger window click HERE

"Shores of Erie International Wine Festival" - Animated Logo

"Pancakes" - Editorial Illustration

"Springtime In Paris" - Invitation Illustration for St. Clair College Annual Gourmet Food & Wine Festival.

"Paper Bag Princess" - Children's Book Illustration

"Limelight" - Graphic Design Show Poster

"Exaktor Tools" - Brochure Design

"Connected in Care" - 6 page A4 brochure created for The Heartbeat Trust.

"The 10 - Most Extraordinary Medical Conditions" - Sample of Children's book Design from the Series, "The 10"

"Herbon Kids" - Logo, Product Poster and Magazine Ad

"North of Hollywood" - Band Logo and Website Concept

"Barcelona Bulls" - Team Logo

"Bruce Dickinson" - Editorial Illustration

"Alice Cooper" - Editorial Illustration

"Fire Flies" - Candy Box Package Design


I Thought...

Here is a recent little animation I did for the 11 Second Club October competition. Voting is taking place during the next 4 days. I find the club is a great way to stay active in the animation community in between jobs. It’s also a great way to practice and experiment with new techniques and styles. Rather than winning, I am more interested in improving my skills as an animator and getting some constructive feedback. Hurray for the 11 Second Club!!