Silly Goose

Just a mention here to my new company site: Silly Goose Ltd. We are a work in progress, but hopeful in our creative endeavours. Web/mobile applications and user interfaces are our thing along with graphic design, illustration and animation to bring art and technology together under one roof. Silly Goose was started by Mark and I and we working with developers and designer contractors based on project size and scope.

Included here also is a link to the Silly Goose blog where you can read more details about our direction, our creative processes and how we bridge art and technology with innovation.

Character Animation Demo Reel

Adding my 2008 demo reel to the postings to remove it from my header. Not much 3d work has transpired this year due to my work going in a different, but exciting new direction. However, I am currently working on new 3d material and a screenplay for an upcoming short film. I'll keep you posted :)

Character Animation Demo Reel 2008 from Deanna Bishop on Vimeo.