Portraits & Sketches

Here are a few portraits and sketches I created a few years back. The first one is a family portrait completed in approx 6 weeks. Medium is water based oils.

The the next few of paintings were commissioned together with my father, Robert Bishop, who is also a professional artist. He would give me the job specs of each piece and any special requirements. With that information I would then create the painting's composition. Nearing the final stages of painting my father would usually guide me in any finishing touches rarely needing to provide more than a handful of brush strokes. These were done with acrylic paint. I own the foundation of everything I know to my daddy dearest. I began taking lessons from him alongside a weekly art class he would host in his shop/studio at the age of 8.

The next is a portrait I did for a friend as a gift. Medium is acrylic.

And the next few are just quick life drawings done in either charchol, or marker.

20min sketch

30min sketch

5min sketch

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