Children's Books

The next few images are a small collection of some work I did while at Rubicon Publishing where we designed and created educational children's books. This series is called "The Ten". All cover designs, illustration, layout, typography and photo selection were done by me. I also helped created the template in it's beginnings. The books were very much like a magazine where we had a simple set template that we had to be consistent with. It was a very creative and rewarding job with a great team of designers.

Portraits & Sketches

Here are a few portraits and sketches I created a few years back. The first one is a family portrait completed in approx 6 weeks. Medium is water based oils.

The the next few of paintings were commissioned together with my father, Robert Bishop, who is also a professional artist. He would give me the job specs of each piece and any special requirements. With that information I would then create the painting's composition. Nearing the final stages of painting my father would usually guide me in any finishing touches rarely needing to provide more than a handful of brush strokes. These were done with acrylic paint. I own the foundation of everything I know to my daddy dearest. I began taking lessons from him alongside a weekly art class he would host in his shop/studio at the age of 8.

The next is a portrait I did for a friend as a gift. Medium is acrylic.

And the next few are just quick life drawings done in either charchol, or marker.

20min sketch

30min sketch

5min sketch