Piotrowski Portrait Study

I'm currently working toward creating a portrait of my husband's grandfather. Here is the initial rough study created in Photoshop this evening. The photo is quite small and difficult to read so I felt the need to run a test drive with the sketch. Establishing a mood for the subject was important as well. A little chiaroscuro never hurt nobody... Not that I'm by any means a master, but a bit of strong contrast is the goal ;)

I'll post a better copy of the original photo that I'm working from once I can get a decent scan. I need to blow up a copy to better grasp the detail of the photograph, especially in the eyes. He has tiny eyes! I think I've already over worked this study, but I still feel its just not sitting right. Hopefully the enlarged photo copy will be a help and I'll revisit the major features of the face (if not, start over). Time spent, approx 3 hrs... I know. I'm very rusty.

The medium for the final portrait will be oil on canvas and approx 18 x 24 inches. Updates to come soon.

A bit of the blue ground work under there. I'm preferring a cropped view at the moment, but the goal is to get the full head working. Its tough.

Another major problem I'm noticing now is that the nose is not wide enough.. I'll get there. I need to revisit this with fresh eyes another day. Tracking the progress will be half the fun.